About Us

To foster research into the biology and cultivation of Australian plants by funding research projects, giving prizes for research, organising seminars, publishing research findings and by any other effective means.

The Foundation achieves this mission by raising funds which are used to provide:

Grants for projects which satisfy the selection criteria, and are approved by the Foundation’s Scientific Research Committee. The Foundation can usually fund only some of the proposals which satisfy its requirements
Young scientist prizes for outstanding research, and
Publishing the results of projects supported by us on this website.

The Council of the Australian Flora Foundation is both the governing body and also part of the ‘workforce’. Councillors give their time freely and also cover their own expenses to attend meetings and carry on the business. Similarly the Scientific Research Committee give their time assessing grant proposals freely. Thus all the funds provided by members, sponsors or donors goes towards achieving the Foundation’s objectives. Audit fees (approximately 7% of total expenditure), costs for administration (approximately 2% of total expenditure), and for promotion (the Young Scientist Prizes, and insertion of AFF brochures in delegates bags for various meetings) less than 1% of total expenditure), come from membership fees, and from contributions not specifically made to support research.Over 90% of total expenditure, including 100% of funds donated specifically for research, go to the research projects. In 2014/15 $59,235 was given in research grants, $1,003 spent on administration and $3,036 on audit fees. The chart shows this distribution of expenditure. Further details are available on the ACNC website. Go to Find a Charity, enter Australian Flora Foundation and click on Australian Flora Foundation Inc.

The Research Fund is central to the Foundation’s effort to provide grants for research. These funds are raised from tax-deductible donations, bequests and income from investments and are used solely to support research projects. The Australian Flora Foundation gratefully acknowledges all those individuals and organisations who make these grants possible by contributing.

The Australian Flora Foundation Inc was established as a non-profit body in 1981. It arose mainly from the desire of members of the Australian Plants Society and plant scientists to see more research carried out on Australian flora. The inaugural meeting was held in Sydney in conjunction with the International Botanical Congress at the University of Sydney. A description of the meeting and of the objectivers of the founders can be found in the President’s Report for 1982. Links to this and to all subsequent President’s reports can be found at the Presidents reports page.

The tribute to Val Williams, the Secretary of the Foundation from 1990 to 2004, also gives some of the background of the Foundation.

The Foundation aims to foster research to:

Increase community awareness of the richness and beauty of the Australian flora through greater use of the flora in parks and gardens
Conserve Australia’s native flora which has been over-cleared, and if this unique resource is to be preserved into the future together with its dependent birds, animals and other living creatures, scientific research is crucial.
Reverse salination. Our native flora is likely to play an important role in enabling Australia to reverse the alarming rate of salination and degradation of our soils.
Understand the factors critical to survival of our native flora.
Develop propagation and cultivation techniques to restore natural stands and to save threatened species.
Develop horticulturally attractive forms of wildflowers so as to make the widest range of flowering plants and shrubs available for parks and gardens.
Commercially cultivate selected wildflowers, especially for international markets. Australia’s export income from this trade is already significant, at approximately $30M/year.

Members, Sponsors and Donors

Membership of the the Foundation is open to anyone who supports its objectives. Members help with the work of the Foundation and pay an annual membership subscription which supports the operation of the Foundation and covers the cost of producing and distributing newsletters.

Sponsors and Donors make possible the activities of the Australian Flora Foundation. Through their generosity and clear sighted understanding of the value and need for research into Australian plants, Australia’s flora has benefited and they can be proud of their important role.

How to help

Research helps grow Australia’s beautiful plants in our gardens
Research helps us export Australia’s flowers and balance our trade
Research helps care for our unique plant life and landscapes
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