Support us forever
……. through your Will

Through your Will you have an opportunity to help increase our understanding of Australia’s plants. This understanding will increase our ability to save our unique plants from the threats posed by clearing and climate change, and to enable them to prosper in the wild, and in parks and gardens.

If you love Australian plants, and want to help us gain the knowledge needed to protect them, please join with us.

Like other bequest supporters, you will ensure that we are able to add to the knowledge basic to maintaining the Australian bush heritage that we know and cherish.

Making your bequest

It’s important to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee when making your Will. The Law Institute or Society in your state or territory can refer you to a solicitor.

Here are some ways in which you can make a bequest to the Australian Flora Foundation:

• leave the residue of your estate after specific bequests have been left to family and friends
• leave a nominated portion or a fixed percentage of your estate.
• leave a specific gift such as property or shares

Remember to review your Will every few years to ensure it still reflects your wishes.

The right wording

When you have decided on the type of bequest to make, ask your solicitor to write in the appropriate clause. The following wording may be a guide:

‘I bequeath, free of all duties [put in here what you wish to bequeath] to Australian Flora Foundation Inc. (ABN 14 758 725 506) to be used for its general purposes. The written receipt of the Secretary or other officer of the Australian Flora Foundation may be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge’

To ensure your bequest reaches the Foundation it is important to use our full legal name (Australian Flora Foundation Inc.) and our registered Australian Business Number (ABN).

All donations and bequests to the Australian Flora Foundation are credited to the Australian Flora Foundation Research Fund, a separate fund maintained as required by law. The proceeds of this fund are devoted solely to ‘fostering research into the biology and cultivation of the Australian flora’.

Adding to an existing WillGarden scene

If your existing Will is satisfactory but you would like to include a bequest to the Australian Flora Foundation, you can add a codicil. It must be signed and witnessed in the same way as your Will. Seek the advice of your solicitor in making a codicil.

Further information

If you would like to discuss your bequest ideas, please email Ian Cox (Secretary)

Your bequest will make a long lasting contribution to our understanding of the Australian Flora, and to its protection and conservation. Thank you.